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فيلم الاكشن والحروب Essential Killing 2010

الفيلم الهندى Salaam Namaste 2005 للنجمة Preity Zinta

Cast overview, first billed only:
Saif Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan ...
Nikhil "Nicki" Arora
Preity Zinta Preity Zinta ...
Ambar "Ambi" Malhotra
Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi ...
Ranjan "Ron" Mathur
Tania Zaetta Tania Zaetta ...
Cathy R. Mathur
Jugal Hansraj Jugal Hansraj ...
Jignesh Pandya
Javed Jaffrey Javed Jaffrey ...
Jaggu (as Javed Jafferi)
Kunal Vijaykar Kunal Vijaykar
Ravi Khote Ravi Khote
Kavita Kapoor Kavita Kapoor
Maria Goretti Maria Goretti ...
Cameo Appearance
Siddhant Ashar Siddhant Ashar
Zeke Zidaan Zeke Zidaan
Azaan Ali Khan Azaan Ali Khan
Padam Bhushan Padam Bhushan ...
Bonnie Hill Bonnie Hill

The new millennium has begun and one must accept the reality that East Indians have immigrated everywhere on Earth. One such place where a number of Indians have made their new homes is Australia's Melbourne. A doctor, who does have problems translating some words into Hindi; Jignesh Pandya, who has come from Surat, India, where his parents operate and run "Archana Sarees" and has become a doctor; Ranjan Mathur who has recently immigrated, is now on the look-out for a wife, and does find one, after many hilarious misadventures, including one with a gorgeous hooker, Lisa; Then there is Ambar Malhotra or Ambi, who lived in Bangalore with her parents, quarreled with them because she did not want to marry someone of their choice, ended up coming to Australia on a student exchange program, studies medicine, but lands a job as a radio announcer with 101.5 FM "Salaam Namaste"; and finally there is Nikhil Arora alias Nicki

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فيلم الأكشن S.W.A.T.: Firefight 2011

فيلم الاكشن والمغامرات The Troll Hunter 2010

فيلم الرعب والغموض Bitter Feast 2010

فيلم الكوميديا Mean Girls 2 2011

فيلم الأكشن والخيال العلمى Tetsuo: The Bullet Man 2009

فيلم الغموض الكورى Bestseller 2010

فيلم الدراما Hilary and Jackie

Cast overview, first billed only:
Emily Watson Emily Watson ...
Rachel Griffiths Rachel Griffiths ...
James Frain James Frain ...
David Morrissey David Morrissey ...
Charles Dance Charles Dance ...
Celia Imrie Celia Imrie ...
Rupert Penry-Jones Rupert Penry-Jones ...
Bill Paterson Bill Paterson ...
Cello Teacher
Auriol Evans Auriol Evans ...
Young Jackie
Keylee Jade Flanders Keylee Jade Flanders ...
Young Hilary (as Keeley Flanders)
Grace Chatto Grace Chatto ...
Nyree Dawn Porter Nyree Dawn Porter ...
Dame Margot
Maggie McCarthy Maggie McCarthy ...
Vernon Dobtcheff Vernon Dobtcheff ...
Professor Bentley
Anthony Smee Anthony Smee ...
BBC Nabob


British sisters Hilary du Pré and Jacqueline du Pré are both talented musicians, Hilary a flautist, Jackie a cellist. With regard to their musical prowess, they have always had a friendly competitive nature with each other, fueled in large part by the want of their pianist mother, Iris, for them to achieve musical greatness. But underlying this friendliness is a deep desire to be truly better than the other. Despite or perhaps in part because of her flamboyant performance style, the younger Jackie emerges from the shadows of older Hilary's more triumphant childhood successes to become the renowned musician in the family. Although both continue with their music and both end up marrying (Hilary to Kiffer Finzi, and Jackie to pianist Daniel Barenboim), Hilary focuses on her home life, whereas Jackie focuses on her career. A seemingly odd request by Jackie to Hilary is later understood, but Hilary's..

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فيلم الرعب الكورى The Hunted House Project 2010

فيلم الأكشن Arahan

فيلم الرعب الهندى Hiss 2010

فيلم الأكشن الهندى Aakrosh 2010

فيلم الأكشن والتشويق Ticking Clock 211

الفيلم الهندي لانيل كابور وامريش بوري mr.india

Complete credited cast:
Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor ...
Arun Verma / Mr. India
Sridevi Sridevi ...
Seema Sohni
Amrish Puri Amrish Puri ...
Satish Kaushik Satish Kaushik ...
Annu Kapoor Annu Kapoor ...
Mr. Gaitonde (Editor)
Ajit Vachani Ajit Vachani ...
Sharat Saxena Sharat Saxena ...
Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar ...
Prof. Sinha
Bob Christo Bob Christo ...
Mr. Wolcott
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ramesh Deo Ramesh Deo ...
Police Inspector
Ahmed Khan Ahmed Khan ...
Karan Nath Karan Nath
Yunus Parvez Yunus Parvez ...
Harish Patel Harish Patel ...
Venus Pujari Venus Pujari ...


Orphaned as a child, Arun Verma (Anil Kapoor) has dedicated his adult life to looking after orphaned children, in a house where he is unable to afford to pay the rent nor even day to day expenses for necessities. He decides to rent one of the rooms, and the tenant is a newspaper reporter named Seema Sohni (Sridevi), who happens to dislike children. Internation crime lord and terrorist Mogambo (Amrish Puri) takes an interest in his very house to store his firearms, and other weapons, and sends his men to force Arun to vacate. Arun and some of the children are beaten-up and threatened with dire consequences if they do not vacate the house. Arun's dad's friend Professor Sinha (Ashok Kumar) shows Arun a device that will make in him invisible, and thereby he will find a way to fight to keep the house. Arun tries the device, and he becomes invisible. Using this, he is able to turn the tables on Mogambo's men

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أفلام الرومانسية Keith 2008 مدبلج للعامية المصرية

الأربعاء، 30 مارس 2011

فيلم الاكشن The Warrior's Way 2010

فيلم الدراما April Showers 2009

Credited cast:
Anna Adams Anna Adams ...
April's Friend #1
Dominic Arellano Dominic Arellano ...
Reporter #5
Mark Arnold Mark Arnold ...
Sean's Father
Tom Arnold Tom Arnold ...
Mr. Blackwell
Tyrone Beasley Tyrone Beasley ...
Agent McFarlane
Kelly Blatz Kelly Blatz ...
Sean Ryan
Brigette Chizek Brigette Chizek ...
Patricia Blackwell
Ben Chrystak Ben Chrystak ...
Paul R. Coate Paul R. Coate ...
Philip Hall
Suzanne Deyo Suzanne Deyo ...
Illeana Douglas Illeana Douglas ...
Sean Durrie Sean Durrie ...
Jenna Edwards Jenna Edwards ...
Super Market Clerk
Dean Fastnacht Dean Fastnacht ...
Grieving Parent
William Grennan William Grennan ...

A look inside a tragedy through the eyes of a survivor. Based on actual events, April Showers is about picking up the pieces in the direct aftermath of school violence. Set in a middle class suburban neighborhood, April Showers focuses on the lives of a handful of teachers and students as they attempt to make sense of a world that has just been turned upside down by one of their own. With the community and an entire nation caught up in the 'story', the students of Jefferson High must turn to one another for answers. In the wake atrocity, the rifts caused by misinformation and a frenzied media prove difficult to overcome. Lost and lonely under the international spotlight, one young man navigates his way through his almost indiscernible home. From quaint suburban town to battlefield turned media circus, Jefferson High provides the backdrop for Sean's struggle to cope with the loss of his friend

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الفيلم الرومانسي Sweet November

فيلم الاكشن 2009 Hammer Of The Gods

فيلم الاكشن Man Of Vendetta 2010


Soo, who now does not believe in God and le... More
Man of Vendetta | Cast
Next movie : : Mandate (맨데이트: 신이 주신 임무)Previous movie : : Mama and Papa (마마 앤드 파파)Pictures|Facts|News

Kim Myeong-min (김명민)
Kim Myeong-min (김명민)
Joo Yeong-soo (주영수)
Eom Gi-joon (엄기준)
Eom Gi-joon (엄기준)
Choi Byeong-cheol (최병철)
Park Joo-mi (박주미)
Park Joo-mi (박주미)
Park Min-kyeong (박민경)
Kim So-hyeon-I (김소현)
Kim So-hyeon-I (김소현)
Joo Yeong-soo's daughter, Joo Hye-rin (주혜린)
Lee Byeong-joon (이병준)
Lee Byeong-joon (이병준)
Team leader Koo (구 반장)
Lee Ho-jae (이호재)
Lee Ho-jae (이호재)
Gentleman No (노신사)
Min Bok-gi (민복기)
Min Bok-gi (민복기)
Delivery driver (택배기사)

Ederlyn (에더린)
Delivery driver's wife (택배기사 부인)
Sin Hyeon-jong (신현종)
Sin Hyeon-jong (신현종)
Audio store owner (오디오 가게 사장)
Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
Jo Moon-ee (조문의)
Middle-aged man with LP (LP 중년남)

Choi Gwang-il (최광일)
Doctor friend (의사 친구)
Lee Jang-won (이장원)
Lee Jang-won (이장원)
Overweight owner (뚱보사장)

Jeong Byeong-ho (정병호)
Hospital department chief (병원 원무과장)

Park Soo-yong (박수용)
Chief Kim (김 과장)

Kang Yeong-goo (강영구)
Amen Church pastor (아멘교회 목사)

Hong Jae-seong (홍재성)
Brother-in-law (처남)
Kwon Seong-min (권성민)
Kwon Seong-min (권성민)
Detective Lee (이 형사)
Jo Soo-jeong (조수정)
Jo Soo-jeong (조수정)
Woman in room salon (룸살롱 아가씨)
Ahn Seo-hyeon (안서현)
Ahn Seo-hyeon (안서현)
Young Hye-rin (어린 혜린)

Choi Min-seo (최민서)

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فيلم الدراما الكوري Buryure

فيلم الأكشن والمغامرة King Kong 2005

فيلم الأكشن والمغامرة Vicky the Viking 2009

فيلم الدراما My Queen Karo 2009

فيلم الأكشن والخيال العلمى City Under Siege 2010

فيلم الحرب التاريخى Barbarossa 2009

فيلم المغامرة والفانتازيا العائلى Ramona and Beezus 2010

قصص قبور انتقام الحريم

برنامج شواهد عن الاشباح والعفاريت

الثلاثاء، 29 مارس 2011

الفيلم الرومانسى الهندى Lafangey Parindey 2010

Credited cast:
Neil Nitin Mukesh Neil Nitin Mukesh ...
Nandan 'Nandu' Kamtekar
Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone ...
Pinky Palkar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Vijay Adhav Vijay Adhav
Manish Chaudhary Manish Chaudhary ...
Inspector K.K. Sethna
Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla ...
Judge - India's Got Talent
Namit Das Namit Das ...
Shiamak Davar Shiamak Davar ...
Judge - India's Got Talent
Javed Jaffrey Javed Jaffrey ...
Judge - India's Got Talent
Pankaj Jha Pankaj Jha ...
The Eunuch
Kay Kay Menon Kay Kay Menon ...
Piyush Mishra Piyush Mishra ...
Usmaan Ali / Usmaan Bhai
Palomi Palomi ...
Ameya Pandya Ameya Pandya ...
Babloo Mane
Rahul Pendkalkar Rahul Pendkalkar ...
Ganesh 'Ganya' Palkar
Vinay Sharma Vinay Sharma

Aspiring to be a winner in 'Hunar Hi Winner', a part of India's got Talent, Mumbai-based skater Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone) gets run over by a vehicle. She does survive but loses her sight and returns home to her Tilakwadi-based widowed mother; a slacker brother, Rakesh; and a younger brother, Ganya. Disillusioned even more after her partner, Ajay, abandons her, she still hopes to participate in the contest, and unexpectedly gets encouragement from a fighter, Nandan Kamtekar (Neil Nitin Mukesh), who not only assists her, but also pays for her medical treatment. For a living he boxes Friday nights, and works for an underworld don, Usman Ali (Piyush Mishra). She convinces him to be her partner, he reluctantly agrees, and both realize that they are in love. She persuades him to get a regular job and quit boxing, and he does so. Neither of them are aware that Inspector K.K. Sethna (Manish Chaudhary) is continuing to investigate who ran over Pinky
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كليبات فيلم ريتيك روشان Kites

الفيلم العربى اللمنوع من العرض زوجتى من الهبيز بطولة دريد لحام وهويدا

فيلم الرعب والتشويق الرائع Julia's Eyes 2010

فيلم المغامرات هارى بوتر Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Sam vocabular